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Don't worry kids, I'm here to throw you into the trees!

(╯ ・ ᗜ ・ )╯︵ ᕦ༼ ˵ ◯ ਊ ◯ ˵ ༽ᕤ

----Thoughts and Impressions---

Hey peepo! 

So from playing for 20 minutes or so, I think it's a super cute game. It was pretty relaxing and served as a nice break from the normal horror or shooter game I would play. It reminded me a lot of the ol' Pikman games I used to play when I was a kid, as I mentioned in the video above while playing. Only came across one minor bug with a tree falling but that's it!

Definitely check it out if you want to play a relaxing cute free game for a short bit to take your mind off things! 

-DaniSans :3

Thank you for giving Knåddskogen a go and for the Let's play and QA, we are aware of the bug but due to time constraints we had to ship it with the bug. Hopefully you enjoyed it anyway :)

Oh no worries! The bug wasn't a big deal for me, I still had a bunch of fun with the game ( ^ω^)