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Thanks for your kind words. We are also amazed that people love the game as much as we do..who knew throwing kids would be so popular :D

Thank you for giving Knåddskogen a go and for the Let's play and QA, we are aware of the bug but due to time constraints we had to ship it with the bug. Hopefully you enjoyed it anyway :)

Thank you for playing and also clarifying the controls for keyboard users, I will add it in the description. As you mentioned the experience is much better with a game pad and I hope you get a chance to try the game with that later. 

Thank you so much for your kind words and Pikmin was a huge inspiration for us when making this game so I'm glad you liked it!

Hi and sorry for the late reply. If you use a keyboard then you use WASD for movement and C as action button. Hope you will enjoy it :)

Thank you for playing and nice to see the Let's play! :)

Tack så mycket och kul att du uppskattade humorn i spelet :)

Thank you for playing our game and for the Let's play. We're glad you liked it :)

Thanks for your kind words and for giving Knåddskogen a go :) With such a mechanic we worked really hard to get everything from style, animation and sound right so we are glad that it worked out so well :)

Knåddskogen was made in Unity

Thanks! The animation of the main character maybe? :)

So sorry I can only reply in English but I hope you liked the game and thanks for giving it a go :)

Hi! We're really glad you liked it and thanks for the Let's play :)

Hej! Windows är platformen som gäller, ursäkta för oklarheten :)

Tack så mycket, kul att höra att ni gillar Knåddskogen :D. Jag kollade in ert spel också, lamorna som kommer skuttande över berget i trailern var fantastiskt! Det blir helt klart att testa detta :) Lycka till i SGA!