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When my 2 friends join the game I am hosting, it displays: missing link. The game works with two players but not with more, is there a fix for this? (I am also using the port fowarding method. In addition the game freezes if I hit enter to go to the character select).


That means that your computer cannot connect (UDP hole-punching) them together. If one of them can open a port, that may help. Using software that simulates LAN (Hamachi, Evolve) can also help. Using Steam-based version of the mod (if you can) also helps, since then it's up to Steam to figure out how to connect everyone together.

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Okay! Which port should one of the players open? Should it be the same as what the host is using, or just a random port? I also didnt mention this before, but thanks again for making wasteland kings playable with other players across the world, its a great addition to the game!