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Hey, how it's going? I just want to say thank you for your effort to update the progress. The others just go silent and leave us in the deadzone for who knows how long. But you have taken time to write us a note, every week, and I really appreciate it. Please keep up the good work, you have just earned yourself a fan. :)

Oh wait, I've already been your fan after playing "Legend of The Winged Ones". That time I like your game, now I love your personality.


Hi xxelena! Thanks for dropping by and showing me this the first thing in the morning ^.^-

There are days I wish I could type quicker or be more productive, but overall I think the progress is going nicely >< 

The only thing I worry about is whether all of you can wait patiently or not, so the weekly update is a given x'D

I'm really glad to hear you like it tho! The others are quite content watching over me behind the shadows and bushes, but it's nicw to see some comments every now and then :'3

And gosh, thank you for following me from Winged Ones to Bermuda! >\\\< I'm flattered and hope you'll enjoy this one as much!

Thanks again for the support and hope to see you around~