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That was a really well-looking and -playing game. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, the shadow/light triggers and the puzzles. I would also like to see more of this, just as Ximos said.

One slight complaint would be the missing control explanation in the game. I know you did it here, but I dowloaded this game at end of July but got just around to play it now. In other words, don't assume that a player has the download side open or just recently downloaded the game when he plays it. If Firefox didn't basically remember where every file I ever downloaded came from, I wouldn't even remember from what site I got this game!

Putting a simple readme text file together with the executable would solve this, if putting it in-game is not possible/to complicated/too much work. I can sympathize with not doing the "boring" stuff in game, but it really helps to have some explanation of the control scheme. In addition, the in-game tooltip for activating the levers was only showing the controller buttons, it was by pure luck that found the E key.

But this is small technical stuff that can be easily fixed (and maybe other players don't ever read readmes and look for the control scheme on the download site), the game itself is a really cool vignette.

Thanks for the reply! And you're right, I had not considered that some people might not have access to the controls. I'll fix it as soon as I can. Thanks for the feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed it.