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I don't do parody games anymore. I'm only making original horror games. Though I do plan on making at least a few more parody games like Scooby Horror: Arcade in the future.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! No more parody games? from Dave Microwave? That's like a PB and J sandwich without the J!

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The thing, is that I've gotten tired of those games, like I used to make them cause I felt like it and they gave me a laugh or two. But now that people are demanding for more, it's become stressful and isn't enjoyable making anymore. I'm sorry if that upsets some, but from now on I'd rather be working on original stuff and make more Scooby Doo horror games in the future, cause those Scooby Horror games are the only parody games that I really, really enjoy making.


Welp, I'm learning to code now XD, paw patrol has probably been done before but I'm getting better at blender, maybe I'll actually use this account to share something for once