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At first I only had the code "description". I had a suspicion that it would cause some annoyance to players who can't/don't want to understand them so I added the "real" descriptions too but decided to show them only when introduced. I guess there would be no harm in showing that message again too when hovering on the icons while showing the code bit too.

There are some quite crazy combinations indeed. There are around 30 different injections in total and they really aren't balanced at all how they're given, everything has the same chance. And they aren't very balanced power wise either. Some of them are pretty bland and I always don't pick them and some are just god tier.

I did want to have more different ones still but couldn't really come up with anything good to add. And I still want to add more of em.

Yeah that run was quite nuts. I think it was the only time during the month of development where I even broke 200k. Good thing it happened when I had already added the leaderboards. 😆I made it few stages past 20 on that run and didn't even fail to not scoring enough but instead faced a very tricky special task + curse combo.

Thanks for playing and so much for detailed feedback! ❤️

I know this is really old, but the game is still being played and enjoyed thoroughly. 

I would really appreciate it if you could go back in and add the plaintext injection descriptions like you mentioned in the above post.