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Chapter Two was a HUGE improvement in a lot of things in comparison to the first chapter. That being said, it was also WAY more forgiving and a lot less difficult. The mechanics were similar, which is pretty solid. The visuals were just as great! They were nice and nostalgic as always. Sound engineering was just as great as the first chapter. I absolutely love the GameGrumps / Oneyplays references. The game ran way more smooth in this chapter and was a lot less glitchy. The flashlight and crouch mechanic to avoid Marge was pretty cool! Although, near the end I found that it was more productive to just run around her and avoid her patrol. Dealing with Maggie's RNG was a lot easier in this chapter, as well as Bart's randomness since you're able to gain a lot more distance on Lisa. I think the main factor in this chapter being a lot easier is the fact that it isn't nearly as cramped as chapter one. Sorry, I ranted for a while there. Thanks so much for updating this! I look forward to your future games!