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I had such a fun time playing this. The photos are really well chosen, especially to evoke, uh, the salient locations in one specific tall lady castle game. That said I played this as someone who's only interacted with Resident Evil through 10 minutes of letsplay and had a lovely time imagining and writing about my weird monstrous creature reluctantly chasing after the visitor stumbling through their mansion, accidentally coming off like they want to eat them, and growing increasingly frustrated with the number of plant-beasts and decorative urns they're damaging.

The establishing questions hit the right balance for me between specific enough to inspire and to set up enough worldbuilding so that you don't have to catch up with it during the 'action' part of the game, and broad enough for flexibility. The intro text did a great job of setting up the Vibe.

It was late by the time I got to the finale, and I jussst didn't quite trust myself enough to set parameters for the final 1d6 roll without mechanics. I can see it really working, and if I played this two-player deciding it with another person would scratch the external challenge-setting itch for me, but maybe if I play this again (pretty likely) I will decide or roll for the die probability at the beginning based on my initial idea for the intruder, and modify it if it feels right during the game. My addition's certainly clumsier than the game itself, which feels like not a moment's wasted, and can be played without reading ahead.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you, this is a really wonderful review!

Re: that final d6 roll, it's almost closer to a lyric game mechanic than a conventional one, but my intent with it was to be a bit subversive.

The d6 doesn't actually tell you what happens next, so either things freeze eternally in that moment, or you decide. And you can decide mechanically---treating a higher roll as better than a lower one and adding in modifiers based on how your story unfolded---or you break free of the mechanics and go with your heart.

Edit: realized belatedly that I should clarify that any of these outcomes are fine. If the game freezeframes in that final moment, or if it's resolved mechanically, or if the mechanics are thrown out, all of these are intended outcomes.