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Ah, right! Unfortunately I have absolutely no mp3's on my computer so I won't be able to play. Also when the browser window pops up the mouse is still locked to the game so you can't use the mouse to browse your folders (have to use tab, arrow keys and return). It's an interesting premise though. Having a virtual library of music rather than relying on players to have the exact mp3's on their PC's may make it a little more accessible (though I guess copyright may be an issue).

Yeah, thanks for playing it anyway!

As for the mouse being locked, it's the main problem that I'm trying to solve at the moment, as Unity's cursor management is a bit weird. I could change the key to open the library to use E instead of the mouse click, but that would be weird too. So for now you need to use the keys, it's right.

About the second thing: yes, having the library inside the game would be way more accessible, but as you noticed it would be a big copyright problem, as I for sure couldn't have any kind of permissions.

To end this long enough reply, thank you again for the interest!

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It's a great premise. To avoid the copyright issues maybe you could use some streaming solution like soundcloud (could pop up in a browser window) or even YouTube integration.  Might be just as complicated to get that working though. Good luck! :)

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Yes, maybe a YouTube integration would be the ideal solution! Will need to work on that, thank you for the feedback. By the way, I just solved the mouse issue and figured out it was a simple solution, so the new build is now free from that problem!

Awesome, glad you got the mouse working. It's a very cool concept, look forward to seeing how it progresses. :)