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That is the error, i dont know what do :( I want play this cool game

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Ah I think it's that your PC either isn't strong or doesn't have the correct hardware to run the game. I'm not quite sure but that's what it seems like. Damn, I'm sorry dude.

I have an idea, if the game has the maximum resolution and the maximum graphics, You can put the minimum resolution and the minimum graphics (by default), so that people can adjust to the resolution that their PC can support. Just upload the game with the resolution and minimal graphics. Here I see how I adjust the graphics: D

Hi? You there? Why you dont reply my message? Nvm... I will play others games

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What? I did reply. I said your PC isn't strong enough to play the game. That error says you're out of memory, probably don't have enough RAM on your PC to run the game. If you meant the suggestion you had posted, I thought about it, but I don't think I can do that, at least not at this time.


Ah ok... anyways thank you.