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Any plans of making the source code available? I really like what you've done. I'm a software developer and the only thing I would like to change is my group of friends and I don't play with antes so rather than having the blind/ante box, I'd change it to Small Blind/Big Blind in that box. This way the blinds could be bigger/more visible.

I'd rather not open source it, but I'm definitely open for requests/feedback. In my group we also never use ante's, so your request makes a lot of sense. I'll build an update where the ante is not shown if it is 0, displaying the blinds instead.

I'm also working on an app for Android where players can follow the tournament on their phones, this is now in testing so I'll probably release this change with that update.

Thanks for the input!

Version 1.1.3 has the option (per tournament) to hide the Ante's. Have fun!