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Ehhh... Big disappointment. Many bugs in graphics, transparent parts in rocks or grasses. Really maybe they look beautiful from this page, where all are prepared and put into one pretty scene. But parts are chaotic and even not matching sometimes.

Grounds cannot be joined because when you try to put one over another they do not match by grass or by ground rocks. I think that it should be fixed, because current version is hard material to work with. I'm quite experienced designer, and I see many shortcomings that I will have to fix before I will start working with that. As an artist author is quite good, I see some problems but generally graphics are good. But you know, details like exported graphics etc. they are not so good.

PS: All that bugs are not visible on your scene graphics presented here on this page.

Hey man, thanks for reporting this! :) I'll review the pack tomorrow and see what can be done.

Woah, took me a while. Sorry you got a bad experience but to my eyes it's as good a pack as my 2016 self could muster. 

Given the super low interest in this pack it's just not viable for me to go and fix it in detail. 

I uploaded a _2021 version with the source files flattened, but with corrected contrasts and transparencies inside the sources. Unfortunately re-exporting the layers is not going to happen. Doesn't sound like it will fix your particular issues, but it's the best I can do given my current time constraints.

Good luck and thanks for the support :)