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I'll just post'em here in numpad notation

A = Light Attack

B = Medium Attack

C = Heavy Attack

X = Special Attack

Y = Mana Move

Z = Summon

| = Delay

Nitro's Combo (w/ Demon Summon):

"A, 2A x3, B, C, Z, A, 2A x2, B, C, 2D, M"

Aliza Combo (w/ Uppercut Summon):

"A, 2A x2, B, C, 6A, X| 9, a.(A, B, C, Z), A, B, C, 6A, 6X, Y"

"A, 2A x2, B, C, 6A, X, 2Y| 9, a.(A, B, C, X, Z), A, B, C, [as many times as possible] x(6A, 6X), Z" 

"7, a.(B, C, X)| 9, a.(A, B, C, Z), A, B, C, 6A, 6X, Y"

That's awesome, thanks for experimenting with the combo system! I am working hard to release a new demo soon, which  (besides more content) also makes the combo system a bit more freeform. In the old version you had to go A > B > C for a chain, now you can also go A > C for example.