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I feel like I'd be doing this game a disservice if I didn't write a review for it. Not because it's particularly great, but because there's a lot of potential here to make it that way. The initial appeal of the game for me was Fiona's design, which is eye-catching and unique. The music and art in this game is top notch, except for the Antdueler theme which kinda sucks. However, the most important part of a visual novel is the writing, which is lacking in some areas. I like how Fiona will often go on a spiel about translating and what it means to do that for a living, giving some insight into a job most people never take the time to think about. This works in the beginning of the game when she's alone and there are no plot points being introduced, but the pizza parlor scene is where the game quality starts slipping. During this time the player's interest has shifted to Junko, the new and mysterious love interest, and what will come of her first outing with Fiona. Rather than focus on the girl in front of her, Fiona spends the entire time mulling over a troubling Twitter thread by herself and chooses not to discuss it with Junko. This scene would flow a lot better and be much more interesting if instead of a wall of narration, the information was given through a conversation between the knowledgeable Fiona and the interested Junko. As it is now, this scene is very boring, and I think a back-and-forth between the two characters would be leagues more engaging. The other gripe I have with the writing is the awkward shift to third person after getting back to the apartment. Putting the player in Junko's shoes is a great idea executed poorly. I think this transition would feel much smoother if the narration stayed in first person but the color of the text box changed to indicate that a different character is speaking. There is also a bug that made me unable to load the game from the main menu. I had to start a new game and wait until I could load my save from the prologue. Not game breaking or very annoying, but something worth fixing. I hope you take my criticisms to heart and create a game well worth the seven dollars.