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And I'll start.

My name is Bashar Abdullah (@bashar3a). I'm a computer engineer, graduated in 2002 from Kuwait University, and worked in several positions as a web developer. My main project was launching the Knet online payment gateway (remember the cinema queues before NBK worked with KNCC? :).

After several jobs, I realized I'd much rather work for myself, and I started working on that. Since 2009 I've been self-employed, working on my own business. Past few years I've been going through a rut (a pattern is emerging you can tell), and I started exploring other interests. I decided to try and finally get into game industry. Ironically that ended up with me launching yet another web site ( that serves as a portfolio site for talents in the game industry (programmers, artists, composers...).

Right now, I'm in between working on Skirmish, and learning more about Unity, game design, and brainstorming game ideas. I am also dipping my toes here and there trying to make simple art, but trust me, you don't wanna see it.

Tag, you're it!