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Is it Possible for you to do a Video on Putting these together? i really enjoy the art for your sheets, but im having trouble with the page Order.

I would also love a video or something to show how to put this together, the order in the pdf and the images appears to be different than the order I think it should be in. I have no idea though.


I can't make a video but I'll try to explain it as best as I can.

(I will be referring to the Character Booklet but the Form Fillable follows the same basic way)

1. Setting up on your computer

Grab the Booklet PDF and in the top bar select print. (I use Mac and you can find it at the bottom of the File section)

It should give you a list of options of how you are going to print it make sure Short Edge is ON. Long edge will make every other page upside down.

Double-Sided also needs to be on or it won't work!

It should be that simple for setting it up on your computer. When everything looks good push the print button and let your printer do the rest.

2. Printing

Three pages should come out of your printer. (Obviously Double-Sided)

The first paper will have the cover on Side A, and a fancy pattern on Side B.

The second paper will have basic character info and notes on Side A, and the appearance of your character and page two of gaming advice on Side B.

The third and final paper will have your inventory and page one of gaming advice on Side A, and both spell book pages on the Side B.

3. Assembling

Make sure that all Side A's are face down on a table and all the Side B's are facing up and that the pages are in correct order.

Next, fold the papers in half so that all you can see are the first papers Side A which is the cover. Once you have a nice crease, simply put two or tree staples in between the spell book pages to hold it together.

Recommended: Have the top of the staple inside of the book with the bottom being outside. Also have the staples horizontal and on the outer spine of the book bend the staples inwards so that the book holds together slightly stronger.

I know this is hecka confusing but I tried my best lol.

Actually that makes perfect sense, I didn’t think of printing double sided.

I also made a more ink friendly option as well if you like me to share via a side channel of some sort.

Sure, I'd like to see that.