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- The Bad things:

The bats serve no real purpose other than distract the player from the main objective in a bad way, half the time I saw myself running through the Talk options because they don't pause during that time, I actually got myself surrounded by 4 bats while picking dialogue, of course they killed me instantly after the chat ended, also, they can oneshot you in the same scenario, make one follow you and then talk to someone, after the dialogue ends the bat will unleash the might of a 10 hit combo. I really think that this game would shine more without those pesky bats.

- The Good things:

The game's story is quite simple yet charming, it has a lot of interesting characters in the world (which I did not fully enjoy because those bats).

- Final thoughts:

I think the game revolves around the bats a little too much, the holes, the jumping through a log mechanic, they serve no real purpose other than avoid the enemies which is not the purpose of the game, it's not an action rpg, is a simple, charming, story driven game. My humble suggestions, if the author decides to work more in the game, is to remove the enemies, make the map smaller (or less repetitive) and let the story shine by its own.

I see, thank you so much for playing my game. I will consider your advises, noted. I will improve the game. Again thank you. :)