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Two questions.

1. On my Gameboy, I only ever played Pokemon and Kirby Tilt and Tumble. The Legend of Zelda games, especially the Game Boy ones, are alien to me.

Could someone who has never played the GB Legend of Zelda games enjoy this? Or, are those games a sort of prerequisite to understand what Lenna's Inception is going for?


2. Those "archangels" in the description; are those supposed to be actual biblical angels, or just powerful humans loosely inspired by Westernized depictions of angels?

Please excuse second question, partially. Only just after posting this I saw the screenshot showing at least one of these "archangels" is just a cat with a screen on its face.

The question still stands if any are based on biblical angels? If any are outright supposed to be such?

The first question remains entirely unswayed.


1. I believe you can! Zelda games post-A Link to the Past all have a generally similar structure. You explore, complete dungeons, and the world opens up more as you get more equipment, similar to a metroidvania. They're pretty accessible and so is this game. The only difference is this game is procedurally generated, so it's different each playthrough.

2. As far as I can tell, they're not really based on biblical angels. They're all closer to Eldritch horrors. They're "angels" in the same sense the monsters in Evangelion are "angels." Most of their names are also humorous and silly (ie Catsiel is a giant cat with a TV for a head).