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So there's some really cool stuff going on here, but the game is not without some faults. Overall, I enjoyed my time with it, the visuals and story were enough to keep me invested, but the gameplay was a little heavy on the contextual button presses and ordering Accalia around. Most of the player's actions were pretty heavily disincentivized due to the speed and accuracy required in a game with very slow controls which usually boiled everything down to "walk to place, wolf solves problem, repeat." It ended up making me wish we were just playing as the wolf by the end. Even with all this, I still enjoyed it quite a bit, good work!

Hi CoalFire, thanks for playing our game! Your playthrough video is fantastic, I had a blast watching it. We appreciate your feedback with some of the design choices. Some of your points have been brought up and discussed among our team before. We do agree with you that certain things could have been better (more verticality, more actions for the protagonist, rewards for doing certain things, etc.) As game students, we are always happy to listen to feedback on how to improve our game. Cheers! :)