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Can you please port it on RPG Maker VX Ace? I can't make your game work under Windows 7 (as an guest OS for a Debian host)

Thanks for your interest! <3

Unfortunately, due to their different programming languages, there's no easy way to port between MV and VX ACE (asides from re-making everything.)

But if you're really curious, Tea made an awesome let's play video of the original IGMC version! :)

Thanks for the video!

But I read that now RPG Maker MV supports creation of Linux builds. Could you try to make Linux build, please?

The standard MV deployment (for all platforms) leaves you with files that can be easily pulled from the game, and opened in a new project of MV. Although there are methods to encrypt the data, audio and images, they unfortunately aren't compatible with other plugins used in this game. >o<

So instead, I packaged the game into a single executable file to protect them. To be comfortable sharing the Linux build I would need to figure out something similar. I'm afraid that I'm pretty unfamiliar with that, but I'll have a go :D