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The art style and the whole aesthetic of your game is amazing!!
From the FPS part to the side scroller part it was really pleasing visually.
It is really interesting the way you combined these two different styles seamlessly to tell a story like that. Speaking about the story, I loved it. It is peculiar and unique. I wish there was a way to get the other dialogue options unlocked, when talking to the officer.
All in all I totally enjoyed it! It is a such a unique game with lots of potential. I hope to see more of it. Regardless, I wish you the best!!


Thank you for your kind comments! I appreciate you posting a playthrough as well. I'm so glad you dug the game! 

One question I have for you is did you play the game on mac or PC? I noticed in the playthrough that the resolution in the graveyard scenes seems messed up. I'd like to try and fix that issue, so let me know!

Thanks again! :)


No problem! It was my pleasure!
Yeah, some scenes looked like they were off-centered. The FPS section was fine though! I played the game on PC. I used the ultra details preset and 2560x1440 resolution. Hopefully that helps!