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Despite appearances, the only thing that brings these two games together in one collection is the fact that they use the Belonging Outside Belonging system (in a very classic way, by the way, which surprised me a bit) and that they are about fantasy. Venture is a bit of a BoB equivalent of Dungeon World, meaning that it looks like an excellent game for epic and slightly introspective adventures in a very classic fantasy world; a nice achievement that might become my reference game for such atmospheres, if I ever come back to it. Dungeon promises something more ambitious: playing teenagers who themselves play a fantasy RPG, taking advantage of it to vent their problems and express their desires. The pitch is incredible and, as you might expect, the result is not quite there: while the roguelike universe is very well transcribed, there is absolutely nothing to embody these teenagers in their daily life (some booklets even have only moves dedicated to their RPG characters!), whereas the heart of the game was, for me, there. One out of two successful games is not bad, and Venture/Dungeon has the potential to become a more conventional counterpart to Dream Askew/Dream Apart in the future.