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I found your game strange and odd in the best of terms. The whole graphic style has reminded me of something, but I can not remember, with all my will, exactly what. It's almost as if I have played such a game before, but all memories of it have been erased. That has positively contributed to the gothic atmosphere for me, I suppose. :D All the little fragments and references (with the Ancient Ones and the small cave drawing you play on the Cthulhu myth, right?) are just wonderfully placed, and at the same time the game has a certain sense of humor in it. That was just gorgeous. A great jam submission that I liked to recommend in our compilation article about the Gothic Novel Jam. :) One minute of gameplay is also shown in the accompanying video. Keep it up!

Best wishes,


Thanks so much for the feature on your article! Glad to hear that it gave you an uncanny feeling...

Cthulu mythos is definitely an inspiration, although this world is also just full of giant flying sea creatures, so like the best artists the cave-people are just working with what they know ;)