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Hi SweetChiel! :)

Thank you for the update. ;)

And much more thanks for the beta test. You are aware that you have beautified my weekend extremely?! ";) Well ... Finally I saw Arya without his mask. He now smiles handsome on my mobile phone screen. XD

All I have noticed so far, I have written down diligently. XD
(Or I did screenshots to make it easier for you.)

I write a mail as soon as I find time. ;)

<3 Yanonako

Yanonako, did you just fly through the game and straight into Arya's Good End?? 

If yes, wow, you're the first person to complete it! Congratulations! x'D
I look forward to your email and hear your thoughts!


Well ... I would not say that I flew through the game.
But if I am interested (which I'm definitely here), then I can not stop "reading". XD

But yes, yesterday I finished Arya's route.
By the way, I like the last CG totally. ;)

I just see that some bugs I have also found are already in your list.
I should look at it before I write you. You do not have to check everything twice. ;)

<3 Yanonako