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Hi, first of all I have to say that your game looks really impressive. The story is neat and your mapping is awesome. 

But I have a question since I didn't find anything about it. Did you make all of the stuff by yourself? The edits of the sprites and tilesets, all the scripts and especially these particle effects?

I'm just curious because I couldn't find any credits or a list of people involved into this project beside the composer of the soundtrack.

Would be mindblowing if it's all done by a single person.


Hi! Yes, many of the edits were done by myself and I've written many scripts (such as the particle system) for the game which is also why it took so long to get to this point :D Glad you enjoyed it & I hope you stick around for the next release!


Wow, thats crazy. Are you a programmer or are you working in the gaming industry? It looks so professional that I can't believe it's just a selftought hobby of you :D


I wanted to work in the industry but I feel like I'll have a lot more freedom over everything doing this as a hobby, mostly on my own :)