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What do you mean? You can't get past the download screen? Or you can't unzip the .rar folder?

I download it and then I can't go any further.   I cant open it. It like, makes me choose a browser to open it with and i have no choice but to use internet explorer because my computer shows me other options that make no sense.  Like it will show me that I can open the download in Microsoft Word and things like that.  If you want I can send you screenshots of the steps that I take.  

On a different topic:  i know that youre not doing anymore spongebob games but it would be a funny idea to make a 9 AM at The Boating School lol. just saying.

Ah I see what you're doing wrong, you need to click download and then save don't click open. Once saved, it'll download a .rar folder, use winrar to open the folder. It might not detect the folder as a .rar if you don't have winrar installed, and it'll probably identify it as an internet icon or some shit like that. Just download winrar, then use winrar to extract the .rar folder, once extracted you can open the folder like normal and play.