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Congratulations with the Game DarkChibiShadow! Arcade Party's art style is pretty unique and really stood out, so I decided playing it and wasn't dissapointed. Your story was certainly original and I liked the pace and overall feeling. Not the biggest fan of visual novels but I have to say I really enjoy it!

PS. Just a smaaall not-very-serious funny issue... the sound effect for the character's voices was a bit irritating. "Just turn it off, d'uh!" you might be thinking. The truth is that I like these little sound effects on text intensive games, my "complain" goes towards the one chosen the game. Obviously just a random opinion, :D

Hi there-- thanks a ton! But actually, me, DarkChibiShadow-- drew the art, and Arcade Party wrote the script! :D That's how it is for every game we work on together! We're glad you liked it-- the game will have some free updates soon with new stuff so I hope you look forward to it!

This was the last game I made working with my old system of making talk sounds and I'm proud to say I'm much better at it now. Some of my newer games aren't out yet-- but I hope if you decide to check them out you'll like those better. :}

It's hard to find just the right balance of cute and fun for talk sounds; so I'm glad people at least have the option to turn it off if they need! Speaking of which, Arcade Party and I just released a new game a few days ago, called Yarrow Valley, with better talk sounds (and it's much shorter than this game) so if you liked Tomai I would love if you'd check it out and let me know what you think~

Thanks again!

I will definitely take a look at Yarrow Valley as soon as I get the chance. Thanks for the reply and sorry about the confusion! ^^

No problem, it's an easy mistake to make! <3