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Hi all!
I'd like to show some of the enemies you can find in the game. Today's post will be about the enemies of World-1.

There are only 4 enemy types to be found in World 1. Subsequent "Worlds" will follow the same pattern. Since the game is fast-paced and each run only lasts a couple of minutes at most, I thought reducing the amount of enemy types will allow players to quickly recognize each enemy for what it is and react to their attack patterns accordingly.

Also, because this being the first World, I've decided the very first enemies you'd see will be one of the most common monsters found in games - Slimes.

First up is the Big Slime. Nothing much to say here as you can see. It moves along and turns when it meets with solid obstacles. The very first enemy you'd see. It is slow-moving and has a decent amount of health (you can see it takes 4 hits to destroy the Slime. That is considered the upper range. All enemies have low health to keep the action fast and to avoid bullet-sponge situations).

Baby Slimes. Its behaviour is identical to its larger counter-part. Small and extremely squishy it can be dealt with in a one single shot from most weapons. What it lacks in size it makes up for in speed. Its small size can make it surprisingly tricky to hit in the heat of action.

My intention is for each World to have only one single enemy type that shoots projectiles. This is so as to prevent the game from becoming "bullet-helly". Not that there's anything wrong with bullet-hell but I think it will be too difficult to navigate in a side-scroller platformer setting. So that is the Shooter Slime's purpose: to shoot projectiles. It remains static at the spot from where it spawned, shooting at the player near or far.

So far the Shooter slime is the only enemy type that will actively engage the player. The big and baby slimes just move about irregardless of what players do. And thus I added the last enemy type: Winged Slime. It constantly seeks and follows the player around. The intention is to force players to move and not be able to bunker down in a safe spot.

Being the very first World, the enemies found here are more stereotypical and do not have much special characteristics. As players acclimatize and progress through the game, enemies in later Worlds would provide more of a challenge.