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It took me a while to get to, but man oh man, you've really killed it here. I am glad I waited - the Lore Bible is a really helpful feature for me and my urge to collect goddamn every little snippet. Without meaning to put any pressure on you and recognizing that you've worked your butt off on this the last few years, good lord, I am so desperate for more of this. Well done, genius girl.

I do think I've got some kind of bug/unfortunate-brain-itch as a result of grabbing DLC1-1's travel stamp before ACT2's travel stamp, but didn't realize it until I was in ACT3 - is there a workaround? (Psst is there somewhere else I should drop this?)


Sorry about the bug! Can you send more details about what the screen looks like now and during which act you played the DLC during to Thanks!