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This concept art is impressive and interesting, and it is noteworthy to at last see what some of the non-technological fauna of this world looks like.

For me, the great appeal of the game so far is that we play as a creature that was attuned with nature, wreaking havoc on creatures that, themselves, have been wreaking havoc on the natural world.

I eagerly ask you to reconsider any ideas you have to make any of these creatures enemies, at least by choice. With the player being a walking tower of mutated pollution, it would break immersion and make no sense if any predator were to try to eat her.

On the other hand, in my opinion, leading the industrialist enemies into the jaws of predators, or into range of a territorial bulky herbivore, would in my opinion be a very noteworthy option for environmental death. When pulled off just right, environmental solutions are my favorites to pull off in games, and that includes combat.