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Hey, I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed this. It's interesting seeing Werewolf/Mafia mechanics work this well in a single player game.

I think there is a killer strategy using the Brig. Putting three people in the Brig gives you so much more information than anything else, and using the brig prevents you from trying any of the other tools.

Also, just aesthetically, it would be nice for the play button on the Captain's Log, and the Commit button to go away during the night, when they don't do anything.

Aside from those quibbles though, it's definitely a solid addition to the few-decision strategy games that are almost becoming a genre on

Thank you very much metalsnail :)

We're very much looking forward to continue working on RESCREW one day and we will certainly take your points into consideration. And yes - the Brig is the most important thing to do first :)