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This is a very good game and we definitely need more in the murder detective genre outside of horror so I'm glad you made this. Overall I really enjoyed the game's protagonist, story and art. I was a bit worried about how Paalm would turn out but he's actually a good character.

My only complaint with the game is a bit of a major one for me though: frequent crashing. I was able to make it through most of the game but some areas are very prone to crashes. I tried redownloading and also tried on a different machine and the following locations are the ones that seem to consistently crash. Some of these I could work around by reloading and seeing if it didn't crash a second or third time but there was one area I was not so lucky with so I unfortunately don't know how the game ends.

Crash areas:
-Gift box area (particularly while opening the gift boxes)
-Entering the Stable
-The pond bench *This is the one place I wasn't able to get past by reloading unfortunately. Without fail, whether i choose to move the trash on top or on the bottom of the bench first, it crashes as soon as the item beneath is revealed.

If you could maybe get those looked into, I'd love to be able to see the ending for myself sometime. I really enjoyed your game.

Thank you for letting me know the areas that are crashing for you, this is the first time someone has reported an issue with that! I will try to get an update soon and see if I can find a way to streamline those areas.

Thanks again for your feedback, there is a new version of the game (v1.1.1) that hopefully erases these problems you had. I updated the code for those areas and refined a few other things as well. (see dev log patch notes for v1.1.1 for more detail)

I just finished up the rest of the game and it was very good. The version 1.1.1 ran with no crashes and actually ran more smoothly in some segments. Thank you so much for getting on this so fast! That really shows your dedication to this project.

Having finished now, my opinion stays mostly the same. I still think this was a great game and putting together the case folder and seeing the ending were very satisfying. If you do make a part 2 I look forward to it. You did great!