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Yuri Goddess

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I'm very interested to see where this goes. Love the art style for the recap so much. Good luck!

I just played through the most recent version (1.2 I believe) and honestly I'm impressed at how much smoother everything is. I couldn't find any problems and was able to make it to the ending which was very cute (Without spoiling anything I also want to say that I like the final two lines of dialogue a lot) The team did a great job overall. ^^

One small thing I'm curious about is what the work in progress crystal ball is? Unless that's something you'll reveal later?

This was a journey.

The longest rpgmaker game I've ever played with a great story, great combat tons of sidequests and secrets. I think counting multiple files and retrying fights and everything my final time was about 40ish hours. It's quite different to what I've seen you do in the past and you did it so well. I particularly like the parts where the story doesn't outright tell you something but if you're paying attention you can figure it out. Overall a great experience that took me a while to finally finish. I might come back other time to see all the translated text in the earlier parts of the game but for now I'm happy with all I was able to do in this.

Also, it goes without saying but:

Just wanted to say this year's entry was not a downgrade at all since I saw the bit about that in the afterword messages. This is another great heartwarming yuri game from you and I'm looking forward to what you make in the future!

For some reason Itch wouldn't let me post the image in that message so anyway here is the image of the softlock.

So I wasn't able to play through it all (I got everythign except the blood) due to a softlock but I do want to give my thoughts on things that aren't in the known issues list

Firstly, the softlock happened in the underground cave. The falling rocks glitched and now they're stuck in the air so there is no way to get out of the cave.

Another thing I'd want to bring up in addition to the human sometimes not moving, I can't figure out how to beat the Human encounter.

I also feel like some characters could give a bit more direction so you can find your way around easier.  For example Josette does'nt tell you where to find Tiamet at all. 

Lastly in the cave area one of Alraune's sprouts says it needs more light and water but nothing happened when I used the candle or pitcher. 

Good Luck!

Hello! Very much enjoyed this (especially the cgs. They're so great) and just wanted to point out two errors I found in the game. Towards the end when it says that Scarlett transforms back, there is no space between for and her. Also her portrait shows up instead of Patty's on the ending dialogue.

I just want to say everyone did such a fantastic job on this. Art, va's, sound, the writing, the ad break. It all came together for such an enjoyable VN.

Well done to the whole team! ^.^

Take care of yourself!
Kind of sad to hear we're nearing the end. This has been my favourite video game series.

Hello!  I am enjoying this so far but wanted to bring a pretty big bug to your attention about the windows version of the game (i can't confirm this is true for the others)

When you have the scene with Gigi's parents they appear in front of the text box and block everything. In addition when you get the choice of
"Say something, look at the menu or ask about Kristel's acting career" You can't choose any of the options.

(2 edits)

Really enjoyed this ^.^

Just so you know, the fire cg does not work properly. It does not appear in the story or in the cg gallery. Here is a screenshot of the error message it shows during the story.

Edit: Using version 2.4.6 btw. The other two cgs work fine and appear in gallery

This was a great demo!
Good luck with this project ^.^

Okay looks like it's fixed now though I did make some notes. What I did to fix the spawning and becoming stuck in the imgur screenshots below was to copy over the img and audio folders to 0.1.0 So I guess this is kind of my notes for both versions.

So I just tried this for a bit and the new version has a pretty big bug where if any attacking  skill is used, the game freezes. This happens against multiple enemies and due to the fact that Lamia always goes for poison slash I can't get past her this time. The only skills that seem to work are fancy footwork and the fairies' light heal.

I forgot to keep my save file from last version so I can't say anything about the second dungeon and new party members yet.

I'm not sure if these are included in the bugs you mentioned but I wanted to point them out just in case.

so cute

I really enjoyed this and the maid conversation was great.

Also, not sure which of these would be counted in your Content to be included section but in case some of them aren't, here's a few things I found while playing.

Good luck with everything! 

I had the oddest sense of déjà vu until I checked the devlog about the old twine version. :P
One small note: In Gallery if you click on "C: had weird sweets" and then click on one of the endings, you just see the sweets image. This persists if you return to main menu and then come back but is fixed upon reloading the VN.

Interested in seeing where this goes. Especially for the vampire Yuri route when you finish that!

The main errors I found with Demo 1.0 were grammar or spelling related and sometimes the names didn't appear over the text right. Either the wrong person was speaking or didn't have a name attached to it at all. Not sure if I could efficiently point out every single time those two errors occurred but those were the main things I noticed.

Good luck with this! :)

I noticed the new download has a lot of the walls removed which is good but there's still a couple left just barely around the tree. (Also one by itself in the path). I have the images here to help. Red circles are the invisible walls.

Don't worry ^.^ It's better to take your time for a good result imo.

Just in case you miss it, wanted to tell you that that map with the Eucalyptus tree in the English version has invisible walls surrounding it. This isn't the case for the Spanish version though.
Anyway, looking forward to the English release :)

Very cute and I'm looking forward to your future plans with this world ^.^

I really enjoyed what I've seen in the demo so far. Noel and Ellie are very cute. 
Take whatever time you need to sort things out and I hope your work and financial situations get better. Good luck!

This was nice and cute. ^^
One tiny note, Congratulations at the end is misspelled (unless that's intentional)

I enjoyed this, though I wonder if you plan to add a text skip/skip to next choice option as currently it is a bit long to replay for the other endings? 

This was a wonderful demo and I'm looking forward to the full game when it's finished! ^^
Your art design is really cute. I loved taking time to just look around at the background and the cg! Both of the girls are very well designed too. The hint at the end of the demo to the next part of the date also gives me something to look forward to.  Good luck!

Love-dovey cheesy yuri is wonderful. Don't stop.

Not sure if intended but the first room has no borders stopping you from going into black space. 

The Mr. Dog's house softlocks you still. I compared the two versions and it seems the same except the newer version softlocks you one more tile forward.

Also you can walk all over ♡♡♡'s apartment at the end. (but i forgot to screenshot that one)

I loved the demo of this and am looking forward to this getting updates in the future! Humour is great, the combat is great, art is great and overall it was just a really fun experience. While they may exist somewhere, I personally didn't run into any issues or glitches while playing so nothing to report on that end.

Good luck with continuing this ^.^

I just finished up the rest of the game and it was very good. The version 1.1.1 ran with no crashes and actually ran more smoothly in some segments. Thank you so much for getting on this so fast! That really shows your dedication to this project.

Having finished now, my opinion stays mostly the same. I still think this was a great game and putting together the case folder and seeing the ending were very satisfying. If you do make a part 2 I look forward to it. You did great!

This is a very good game and we definitely need more in the murder detective genre outside of horror so I'm glad you made this. Overall I really enjoyed the game's protagonist, story and art. I was a bit worried about how Paalm would turn out but he's actually a good character.

My only complaint with the game is a bit of a major one for me though: frequent crashing. I was able to make it through most of the game but some areas are very prone to crashes. I tried redownloading and also tried on a different machine and the following locations are the ones that seem to consistently crash. Some of these I could work around by reloading and seeing if it didn't crash a second or third time but there was one area I was not so lucky with so I unfortunately don't know how the game ends.

Crash areas:
-Gift box area (particularly while opening the gift boxes)
-Entering the Stable
-The pond bench *This is the one place I wasn't able to get past by reloading unfortunately. Without fail, whether i choose to move the trash on top or on the bottom of the bench first, it crashes as soon as the item beneath is revealed.

If you could maybe get those looked into, I'd love to be able to see the ending for myself sometime. I really enjoyed your game.