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A horror game set in the vast loneliness of space? Oh heck yeah!

I have to say I really enjoyed this, the steady build-up of tension was a nice touch and the gravity gun is genius! Once I got to the penultimate floor things got a little bit frustrating though, and the game became one of those "learn through your mistakes and a little bit of intuitive thinking" set pieces. I did still enjoy it though, despite getting myself a tad stuck on the "elevator" section and not being able to quite time the Statis room section right, but I like it when games don't hold your hand too much and leave the thinking up to the player!

The thing that got to me the most was having to redo an entire floor again if you died. Having a little autosave function after you place each orb would have been a nice addition and saved me a whole lot of backtracking and fingernail-biting (although I do understand if you were trying to make things a bit more difficult and not too easy!).

A few more pieces of story would have been nicer too, I found myself feeling bad for all the dead chaps lying around, but knowing their backgrounds and motivations in life would have made me feel even more empathetic and it would have made the whole thing even more intriguing.

As it is, I think you did a cracking job. There were a few wobbles here and there but on the whole a solid game! Keep up the great work! =)


Hey there - thank you for playing our game!

We understand that it can get frustrating when you die and have to re-do a lot of what you have previously done, and if we had the time we would probably have looked into some sort of automatic save feature - it will probably be a thing in our next game!

The feedback about the story is also something we'll take on. While we meant for the story to be a bit of an extra thing on the side, it's good to hear that people are interested in more of it!