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This is so cool! I can't wait to make some quick (game jam) games with this. 

It would be even more awesome if you could also export other animation cycles (attack, death, maybe more) for the same character... But I know that's a very tall order, so feel free to ignore it. :-)

Yeah, no more animations will be added because that means having to draw additional frames for each of the parts which can accumulate extremely fast. That's why I've chosen just to include a simple walking animation.

Oh bummer. Understandable.  What about adding some projectile effects or other attack/defence animations in this tool that could work within the basic style of the current character that we could attach manually to this character in our games? So using this same tool, you could have a weapon with a four-frame animation like you do with the character. This tool would also let you customize that effect/weapon. Sure the character will have the basic animation that you have provided but we could still have an attack that could go with it.   Would really expand the possiblities of the kind of games you can build.