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Just finished the game! Really enjoyed watching Rad grow over the course of the story. There's oodles of charm in the jokes, character designs, and all the tiny details. I can tell you put a lot of work into this.

I found the difficulty a tiny bit hit or miss, but I might just be bad at games. I never got stuck for too long. I DID encounter one annoying bug toward the very end of the game, where if I exited the game and then hit continue again, even after saving, it undid all my progress. Other than that, I had a great time! Looking forward to whatever you do next. :)

Awesome!  We're glad to hear that you enjoyed the game, we certainly put a lot of work into it.  :)

Sorry to hear about the saving issues that you ran into.  We'll do some digging and try to reproduce it on our end.

Thanks for playing! 

Sweet! To be a bit clearer about the saving issue, since you're looking into it:

I was using the downloaded version. I booted up the game to play through some older levels to get enough bits for upgrades before before I tried to beat the second-to-last level. The first time I exited and continued, I suddenly had the same number of bits as when I'd continued from my last save file. Went "Argh!", played through some more levels, then exited once more and had the same problem. It seemed to fix itself the third time around, when I decided to just grind enough to actually purchase the upgrades I wanted before exiting the game—the upgrades and number of bits were the same the next time I continued from my file.

It's possible that the game just doesn't save your progress after you finish old levels? In which case, er, consider this general feedback on changing that.