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The Final Day of Spring is a pleasant kinetic novel! 

The visuals are amazing, especially of the scene where the girl was drooling in awe at the night sky. I smile fondly whenever I think of it.  Moreover, I like how the credits was shown, simple and flows well with the art. It made me feel like the ending was dawning into a warm closure as a breeze comes by.

The casts are like-able! I like how perceptive and curious the girl was, and I love how Eli was not a typical wise old lady. The girl's thoughts about names surprised me and she is truly something hehe. I would love to follow her adventure if there is more!

Thank you for making this novel and I look forward to more~

Ahhh, thank you so much for this review!! ♡ I love hearing what others think about the characters *-* 
Actually, I do have a sequel planned which will be "about Summer" (? but I have another project I want to finish before that~ Anyway! It makes me really happy that you would be interested in reading the continuation to the girl's adventures :'D