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I played this game a few weeks ago before the recent UI changes were made, just so ya know. If there could be an optimization made for people with more than one monitor, playing this would be a lot easier and generally more enjoyable. Other than that, I'm diggin' the pixelated visuals. The gameplay, however, should focus a lot more on free-roaming instead of sitting in one spot like Boogeyman's gameplay. The audio should fit the pixelated vibe... in other words, make it even more distorted and f*cked-up than before. I know that's an edited baby doll voice ripped from YouTube, but I wouldn't mind voicing this teddy bear if you'd like actual voice actin'. Just a bit of constructive feedback, that's all, my dude. Here's my gameplay to boot (and yeah, I'm aware of the mic/webcam off-sync; I'm still gettin' used to that sorta setup and pretty much have that solved nowadays, hahah):