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Diniz: some people have actually complain about how Diniz wasn't really developed that much, but I think that was a bit the point with him. He's more the kind of the "observer" character, someone that is "just there". You don't see his personality directly since he doesn't talk that much, but through other people. How he was in the past, how he acts in the present. He knows everything but tries to not do that much, he's a bit the opposite to Ziva, trying to help by "not helping". I think he's interesting enough and leaves the reader with doubts and ideas about him that helps to don't make the general plot not so easy. So he's more of a support, a small role that actually impacts big if you keep attention to the details (he's mentioned as soon as in chapter 2, but most people don't even realize this).

Ciar: well he's the main character, so I guess he's my favorite, not so much because of personality but because how complete he is. It's obvious he's the most developed character, but well, this is his story, it's all about his development, so there wouldn't be any point to this story without him. The main point I wanted to make with him was how he was a character in a gray area. Most characters in all stories represent something in society, they are important with great lives so they catch attention, or they are depressive, lost at the bottom, trying to make everything sad. I wanted to make something different with him, as if someone who doesn't really have a reason to be sad or happy. He's not unkown in his class or school, he's a clown after all, but at the same he's kinda unapproachable, since he's so sarcastic and a general asshole about everything. So that puts him in a gray area, people knows him, nobody really cares about him since he seems to be doing well, but at the same time nobody admires him, nobody really wants to be close friends with him. All his relationships are superficial and mediocre, and there's really nothing that makes him special. With time you can hear about his trauma and leg and everything, but the point of all that was how it all was psychological, how he actually didn't really have any problems. Nobody ever blamed him of anything, nobody ever throught high of him: and that was made him suffer. People need an identity, they need to be someone to somebody, to be able to be proud of something, and that was kinda the point about this character and his relationship with Pygmalion story. I think he represents really well the current youth in society, how nowadays most people can't really complain about their lives since they had all their basic necessities covered, they had good families, education, money, everything. But at the same they are nobodies, they are just one more person among a million, they are not the best at anything, neither the worse, they don't have any sad story to share, neither a victory. That gray area creates a void of emptyness in a lot of people, and there's no answer to that, not help.

For the pairing, well I'm the author, so I'm with the pairing I put at the ending lol. I understand some people would like more some other pairings but I guess that's ok, not everyone will feel the same about what I tried to convey and that's great. Same for a possible Ziva and Ausse pairing, I'll let people think what they want about that. Also the Luce and Ziva thing wasn't really gay lol (well, again it's ok if people want to think that), but it was more about Luce just admitting how Ziva was so great. Luce is not really envious or anything and she can be really direct about what she thinks so she doesn't have any issues stating how Ziva is obviously a better person than her, and also has a great body (maybe she has a bit of concern about a lack of something? Oh... I better let this for the readers once again).

The Ausse thing at the end was a bit of a joke and not. The situation actually got out of hand for him, to a point it would put him in an embarassing moment, but since people is used to him being a prankster nobody actually took it seriously. It was a small point I wanted to make about how sometimes being a liar can be really useful if you don't want to be labeled of anything. Nobody would take a clown seriously.

I think this covers everything. Wew that was long. In any case thanks again for your comments, and feel free to ask anything any time again (you can do it in spanish if you want lol). Bye!

Aaah omg tysm for this I feel bad now that you've typed so much omg lol

I'm so hyped over how you've put so much effort in your story all those answers were so developed and it really showed once again how much effort you had put in this whole project.

Aah lo siento, sé que es tu idioma natal también, solo que supongo que estoy más acostumbrada a escribir en inglés ( además me da pereza poner tildes y eso haha )

Also I'm pretty socially awkward when it comes to spanish, for I don't use much expressions with people here, however I d talk a lot online so I guess english would be better to transmit my emotions more clearly haha

and english doesnt need accents ;;v;;

Anyhow uhh I had some questions but I guess I forgot ergh

Oh if it's not creepy, and if I may ask, are you male or female?

I instinctively thought of you as a male, since I mostly see males working on video games rather than females, not for a stereotype but for life experience pfft. However, I saw you getting called a she in a comment, so I got confused lol

Its not really needed but I guess it kinda changes the way I see you, not on my thoughhts but on my impression, if that makes sense pfft.

Now uhh I did have a question, so I'm not leaving without remembering what was it haha;;

Umm I remember it had to do with the front page, I told myself to think in the frint page and I'd recall, but now I don't oof.


Some random questions-- omg you should have a Tumblr Ask Blog for the OTL Crew omg it'd be hilarious and amazing tbh I'd totally spam your feed there pfft.

Does Lice have any drawing style you think of? or did you not think of that lol

I really imagine her going to the realistic sci fi anime style, yknow that one that isn't really anime looking, but it also isnt realism either.

Also about Ziva, she seemed really hurt with the breakup, but were her feelings out of real love or just fake ones she developed due to the pity and need she felt of helping him?

I know you wanna leave questions open to the crowd, so you don't really need to reply to these lol

oof I still can't remember what was I gonna ask

Oh what was Ziva's original introduction ( without Ciar's cosntant interruption ) gonna be? I would've liked to read that too lmao

Aah well sadly I don't remember any of the questions I wanted to make, so you'll have to put up with me later when I remmember ;;v;;

Thanks though!!

And I really love this story whole hh all the hidden stuff behind it's highly amazing as well ~

I'm a guy, male yes. I don't know why someone called me she before lol. I had a Trumblr long time ago but I didn't really used it that much. What I use the most is twitter (@Keinart) so you can probably find me there.

Uhmm the Luce thing, that's again one of those things I would like to leave people to imagine, but I think something more "mature" and "masculine" would be kinda funny, wouldn't it? Something like Punch of the North Star or Jojo, it would be special and the kinda unexpected thing I would love to find out of someone like Luce.

And the Ziva thing, well, they were kids after all, so they really never had a true relationship as to be sure if they were in love with each other. It's that more pure love or just caring for an old friend? Ziva is the kind of responsible woman that takes care of everything she does by himself, it is mentioned a few times how she took all the work for the committee and some other things until everything would be perfect, so it wouldn't be weird to think that the thing Ziva had with Ciarán was more related to her sense of responsibility than actual love... or maybe not. Again I prefer people thinking about this.

Also her introduction without Ciar it's something like this: "Hi, I'm Ziva. I'm from the same class as Endyein. I love to study the human brain and I hope to become a psychologist one of these days." Kinda the normal introduction, isn't it? I think it's a lot better how it is right now, even if Ziva gets mad for it.

Ahhh sorry for the later reply I never got any notification for this ;;v;;

Andoh fine then thanks for answering ^v^

And yeet if I ever download Twitter again I'll make sure I follow!

Also omg sorry for all those typos I hadn't noticed;;

Omg I just looked those up and those would truly fit Luce tbh pfft I can totally picture her drawing like that

Yep Ziva being more on the Mom Friend duties rather than actual love makes sense, but her being so hurt also got me thinking a lot about it haha. And her introduction indeed is pretty normal and neutral, Ciar really gives a great introcuction for her pffft

Again thanks for replying!!

This took me years to read haha