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Ahhh sorry for the later reply I never got any notification for this ;;v;;

Andoh fine then thanks for answering ^v^

And yeet if I ever download Twitter again I'll make sure I follow!

Also omg sorry for all those typos I hadn't noticed;;

Omg I just looked those up and those would truly fit Luce tbh pfft I can totally picture her drawing like that

Yep Ziva being more on the Mom Friend duties rather than actual love makes sense, but her being so hurt also got me thinking a lot about it haha. And her introduction indeed is pretty normal and neutral, Ciar really gives a great introcuction for her pffft

Again thanks for replying!!

Aaah omg tysm for this I feel bad now that you've typed so much omg lol

I'm so hyped over how you've put so much effort in your story all those answers were so developed and it really showed once again how much effort you had put in this whole project.

Aah lo siento, sé que es tu idioma natal también, solo que supongo que estoy más acostumbrada a escribir en inglés ( además me da pereza poner tildes y eso haha )

Also I'm pretty socially awkward when it comes to spanish, for I don't use much expressions with people here, however I d talk a lot online so I guess english would be better to transmit my emotions more clearly haha

and english doesnt need accents ;;v;;

Anyhow uhh I had some questions but I guess I forgot ergh

Oh if it's not creepy, and if I may ask, are you male or female?

I instinctively thought of you as a male, since I mostly see males working on video games rather than females, not for a stereotype but for life experience pfft. However, I saw you getting called a she in a comment, so I got confused lol

Its not really needed but I guess it kinda changes the way I see you, not on my thoughhts but on my impression, if that makes sense pfft.

Now uhh I did have a question, so I'm not leaving without remembering what was it haha;;

Umm I remember it had to do with the front page, I told myself to think in the frint page and I'd recall, but now I don't oof.


Some random questions-- omg you should have a Tumblr Ask Blog for the OTL Crew omg it'd be hilarious and amazing tbh I'd totally spam your feed there pfft.

Does Lice have any drawing style you think of? or did you not think of that lol

I really imagine her going to the realistic sci fi anime style, yknow that one that isn't really anime looking, but it also isnt realism either.

Also about Ziva, she seemed really hurt with the breakup, but were her feelings out of real love or just fake ones she developed due to the pity and need she felt of helping him?

I know you wanna leave questions open to the crowd, so you don't really need to reply to these lol

oof I still can't remember what was I gonna ask

Oh what was Ziva's original introduction ( without Ciar's cosntant interruption ) gonna be? I would've liked to read that too lmao

Aah well sadly I don't remember any of the questions I wanted to make, so you'll have to put up with me later when I remmember ;;v;;

Thanks though!!

And I really love this story whole hh all the hidden stuff behind it's highly amazing as well ~

(1 edit)

Welp I'm pretty socially awkward when typing in Spanish even if it's my mother tongue, please put up with me and english lmao ( at least my english's fluent? lol )

aaaah I just finished this, it took me 3 days tbh, cuz I've been in and out, but honestly oh did I enjoy reading this, good lord I'm a lazy ass tbh, lazy enough to quit if there's too much to read, but honestly I loved this to bits I'm even annoyed I finished it now pfft.

Well I read the other comments ( most of them ), and accidentally read your blog and the stuff about Claire, and I must say it's truly impressive, considering I myself have a hard time when developing stories pfft.

Really though, all characters were to deep in personality, story, concepts, and roles that I can't really tell you I disliked a character, cuz character development is something I'm strict over, and I must say it's truly inspiring seeing such well-designed, round, complex characters! Good job on that, it really left a great impression and taste on my mouth~

I did see everyone was commenting upon Claire specifically, or just characters in general ( tbh if it weren't cuz of that blog of yours I'd be lost bout Claire ), but I also really wanted to mention the plot as well.

I must mention I'm an aspiring writer, and there's two things I'm picky to death with, those being Character Development, and Plot. Honestly ( and sadly ), nowadays I find too much cliché and stereotypes in plots, and I must point out I did find it slghtly cliché when Ciar arrived just in time to ask Claire out, since it was in a very used setting, being both under the moonlight and after a graduation. However, it was implied so that it didn't rally make it cringeworthy at all, and even became kinda cute ( I must tell you I was raging over poor Ziva at that time, so I held a small grudge on Claire during that scene pfft ), and knowing who Claire resembled, made it pass and not count as cliché ( aside from the graduation part a bit ), so good job on that as well!

I do NEED to mention now. much. I lo v ed the whole story omg. And I might just rant a bit here but darn Left and Right, the Wolf, the Snake, the Crow, I loved that story to bits and pieces ( and there you go with the ranting again, this wasn't even my point but oh well ). Boy was I dying to know the whole thing behind that small story!! Now that my rushing mind reminds me I'll have to bother you but, do you happen to have any full explanation on what happens with the other characters in the story? I'd love to know if each one of them had a counterpart in OTL? Maybe they resembled somthing else? and is there a story behind why Left and Right had specific names chosen for the Wolf? Maybe he does have a real name? and the crow? what name did the wolf ask him perhaps? I'm really sorry but I'm always so curious when it comes to big awesome plots omg.

Anyways my point wAs, I am truly in love with this story, and its characters. I'll robably even end up making fanart pieces for each character aah, indeed I was just blabbering to my bff on how much I loved this story omg.

Also!! Random question~

I did see in the comments ( sorry I'm an impulsive reader sometimes lol ) that you'd choose ( oh omg I just remembered something I wanted to ask ) either Claire or Luce as your fave character varying on the days pfft

I wanted to know what did you think of Luce, since you already answered about Claire?

And what do you think about the rest? Maybe a fave male as well?

I personally love the three girls, but my constant debate goes between Luce and Ziva, for both exceed in both beauty and knowledge ( please don't take me wrong, I'm a she if that makes it sound less weird pfft ), so I'm thinking I prefer Ziva for being so lovable and extroverted, now that I think about it I also kinda identify with her on how I usually want to be ( if only I weren't that much of an introvert potato ), but really her impression development throughout the story's stunning, and also gives a warm feeling everytime the situation becomes too personal for her. But I also really like Luce for how her constant war with herself doesn't stop her from being how she is, even if she tries not to be it in front of others ( basically the Luce we see from Ciar's POV ), and the warmthness she gives is truly amazing tbh. I'd also say I really love how, while Ziva gives off a motherly, concerned aura at the end of the story, Luce gives a younger figure aura, a more carefree one, even if she still deeply cares, which also really makes me doubt in which I prefer, so I guess it's kinda the same feeling as you with Claire and Luce haha.

And my point before this was to ask, which one's your favorite pairing?
Oh and I read in your blog that all what Ciar was narrating wasn't true, well some parts, so I wanted to know if-- oh wait nevermind now I realize Ziva did mention hersel in One Hidden Truth that they indeed were a couple pff sorry.

But really even if it's just a bit for each, we can see Ciar develop a romantic relationship with each girl, so I wanted to know which one you supported the most? or which one is your fave?

( I'll butt in while proof reading, I remember I also thought Luce was gay for Ziva for a moment? Or vice versa? That caught me off guard lmao, specially since Ciar actually asks if she likes her heh, what are your thoughts on that maybe? )

Aaah one more and I'll stop bothering, I'd love to know if Ausse actually liked Ziva ( which is kinda obvious but still ), and if the thing with the New Substitute Teacher and J... I just downright forgot Jennifer's name but yknow who pfft, I wanted to know if that was one of Ausse's pranks or a real thing pffft.

Well I guess this is where my little "critique" ends, I'm really sorry and I do apologize for taking so much space from the comments section and time from you if you read this, and I'm immensely grateful if you really just were crazy enough to just read this insanity whole!!

But overall, I really loved this whole, and I'm honestly sad there's no more to read haha, I'll also add that I'm really grateful that you took your time to make such a grand thing for free, for us. I'd really donate but I'm still under my parents' care so I'm afraid I'm not allowed to, but you could bet I totally will if I ever get the opportunity!! ( see what I made there, I'm so lame omg lol )

Good luck on your upcoming projects! I really wish to see them already, and hopefully they'll be free, or affordable for a poor soul like me pfft.

I'm sure this comment alone can surpace the number of letters in OTL by golly I'm so sorry you should have a headache by now, but thanks for even skimming through this abomination here, I really hope to see you and your work anytime soon~

Thank you, really!