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Played this at the Industry Day at NHTV. Interesting mix of a Pac Man game with additional stealth mechanics wrapped up in  a cool office theme. The difficulty was a bit too low for me due to the fact that garbage bins are always effective even when enemies see me when entering it. Maybe this has been fixed, but heard that this was quite a difficult game for others so it might be worth keeping.

Art wise I really like the simplistic style, it really works well for this theme and type of game. The coloring of the ground and props makes it really easy to navigate and get a overview of where to go. This type of game would be interesting to see on mobile as well. The pacing, movement and optimization might be a challenge tough.

Putting it on mobile could provide plenty of free marketing that could be used at later years for commercial products, especially it becomes a popular download with proper social media referencing and such. Maybe cool to keep that in mind.

Thanks for the feedback, its nice to hear that we met on the Industry Day. The phone game idea is a solid idea and we are going to look into this.