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I'm a backer, and I just finished the demo on my DSLite using an EZ Flash Omega and LOVED the entire experience! It played extremely well.

One request for the final game however would be to add support for the "boot with addon" function on the EZ Flash Omega, especially seeing as it's being recommended as a preferred method to play the game on original hardware. I missed being able to go from the game back to the card menu as I can with other games, rather than having to power down the system each time.


Also, after reading some of the comments below I wanted to add that I actually really enjoyed the segments where different equipment was lost. It was a unique way to get the brain working to get figure out how to get through those parts! It was also really satisfying to beat the boss once I figured out what to do.

Thanks so much! We'll look into adding support for this, though it might be impossible without an update to the EZ Flash firmware itself (as I believe the patch is intended for games that used the official SDK from back in the day). I'll have to investigate some more. :)