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That's the new boat sprite! and oh god there's a lot. 

  • A random level is chosen and loaded each time the swimming scene is opened.
  • 5 new levels were added (more to come for sure)
  • walking up slopes is FINALLY fixed
  • The overworld boat is now also a motorboat, and there's cool particles to match
  • the player creates bubble particles in the water when they dive in.
  • the sounds were made MUCH quieter.
  • guns now do damage to enemies
  • added skeletons
  • Enemies release particles on death, and when they hit you, you have a certain number of I-frames
  • wasd control support
  • added a game over screen for when you die
  • added a sword weapon
  • Inventory now updates as you collect items, and the player node can sense when a new item is added, and give relevent effects to the player.  The delete button works as well.
  • You can open and close the inventory in the diving screen ..... it doesn't actually show up yet (it's behind a bunch of layers) but it's there!

And with that, all the basic functionality of the diving mechanic is done! Now to .... add every item and have them appear in chests. But it's all there. the combat, the items, the movement- its all finally together. With ....... 48 hours left. Now time to add some sort of connecting mechanic!

I'll talk tomorrow (or the day after) about what that means for what we add, but ideally, we're gonna give some amount of meaningful context to the progression of the diving. 

Okay! So what's left?

  • More Maps! Variety is the spice of life (that's gotta be the 100th time ive said that)
  • Adding all of the items to the game. All of them. ALL OF THEM.
  • Making more item sprites for the items!
  • Cleaning up the folder structure. We don't need any of those dang kenney sprites anymore!
  • Making the UI pretty all over (and scale properly)! It's still the default Godot look, and updating those is gonna be a great step in the feel of the game!
  • Add a title theme
  • Make the inventory visually open in the diving screen

Now, in stretch goals, things look a little different:

  • Map Decor. Variety is, after all, the spice of life!
  • New (better) cave tileset -  it looks very .... erm bad
  • better enemy AI (they'll wander and so on, making them feel more lively)
  • Making diving gear appear and disappear on the character sprite itself.
  • who knows honestly my dude 

Oh! How could I forget? Jimpy made a splash screen :)))))))

wellllllllllllllllll that's all folks! I'll see you again tomorrow, where we'll finally be doing dinosaur/house transmutation~! bye!