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Hey, this is Torsten from the Malmö Jams Too team.

Temporal Legue seems to be a cooperative game where players are versus the board game akin to an RPG encounter.

First off, such an ambitious effort in creating all the flavor texts and different cards! It was almost intimidating to see so many cards laid out, but the game most definitely looked quite fun. We also totally liked the origami-made raid boss. I personally liked how the raid boss has it's own actions and turns, and would be interested in how you plan to develop this game further with that in mind.

In terms of practicality, you may want to reduce the sizes of the downloads and make it all ready to print-and-play. (For example) a link to a lo-fi version of the game would allow players to easily get to playing without having to sacrifice time and effort.

Overall though, from what I could gather when we talked about how the game is, it seemed like a great start to a collection of similar games which I can see being an experience that is great for longer game nights which demand good team coordination and happy moments between friends. Well done!