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Sorry it wasn't clear that it's a basic prototype. So for now it's a walking simulator of 5 screens haha

Thanks a lot for trying it out! I was very pleased that the move controls weren't so hard to figure out, although I'm sure to improve it and make it more intuitive. It also inspired me with two other ideas to try for when I next develop it further, so your playthrough was insightful!

Thanks again :)

I was able to before I commented yeah. Not sure when you updated hehe. But it seemed alright when I last tried!

Very sweet and short! The story was solid all the way through. That broom's collision was tiny! Or something. Also they say their broom is broken but they are dusting the floor with a broom :p

My vote for cutest is that bird. It could be the green ;)

It has a nice balance, for something so viscous. I'm almost jelly. Puns aside, it was enjoyable being stealthy and sucking up juice. Those forks are quite vicious though

This was great haha. It was just as enjoyable to fail as it was to succeed. I didn't expect their reaction at first :p

The dog is super cute! And there's some really interesting gameplay here. There should be slight indication to somehow choose I feel though, because I opted to not use shield to save for shots and ended up guessing more than figuring out who's suspect. But I definitely enjoyed what I played, and hope you playtest further to get that sweet spot

Interesting bust-a-move and match 3 type game. Plays as it should though maybe the 1p mode goes twice as fast as it should, considering it's twice the playing field :p

It would be cool if there was access to a recipe book, for those of us who easily forget, but otherwise this game was easy to get into and enjoy, and very pretty in graphics

10/10 Would keep telling Kusa I don't get it

I probably should have read the description saying it was a "try and die"... though it was hilarious to jump on the squealing cake and getting crushed by a dessert door ;)

That felt like the hardest boss! I could barely make it to Phase 4. Was a fun experience though, well done

The edges of the screen are so dangerous; those spoons come out of nowhere :p

I like the chess-like qualities going on here :)

This Bitsy entry was pretty nice! I liked how telling me not to go into the portal made me go into the portal

I think I found out you could ring the doorbells a bit too late, which was entertaining on my part. Seems to be quite a solid game :)

I liked the final level, which probably is the most playful :)

Carried a heartening message in a strikingly simple way. Well done :)

Felt like a mix of Game & Watch and Hungry Hungry Hippos. Was definitely fun and left a nostalgic feeling

It's very likable! For some reason though, I am unable to finish the game (the pan stays in my inventory). But I am quite satisfied with the experience. Would look at my hands again

The rules say no engine restrictions, and we are allowed to use whatever we want. So Twine should be fine!

I'm assuming tabletop is fine even, as the aim of the jam is to make something cute and short

The sad pot has a nice design :)
With some cleaner and determined lines it could all be very cute. Keep in mind that simplifying and exaggerating certain qualities makes things cuter

I left a comment on your game page, but wanted to write here that you guys did fantastic. It looks and plays great and the level of strategy involved (while not very deep) was still surprising to see. Looking forward to a modular version!

I already left a comment on your game page, but as stated there this game is quite intriguing mechanically and gives thought to how to tackle mechanics which have high flexibility. You did a lot of testing and trying things out, and it was cool to see a game that had a rough testing phase actually become a game in the end, so you did very well. Good job! :)

I already left a comment on your game page, but as said there I hope in future you choose to work with what you made further. The 3D tokens were nice, and I can definitely see the effort and thought in your game. Well done! :)

This game I could not find the time to play during the game show at the game jam, but I am glad I got to try it afterwards.

A simple and playful adaptation of the tower building type of game where you build a minaret. The cover art is great as well, and I am digging the art style going on in the game! Which reminds me now that I would have liked something extra when the minaret is complete or the round ends, and it could be in the form of visual feedback such as a cutscene, or maybe even some way to bring in a high replayability to the game.

As always, sound and music would of course add to the whole experience, but overall it's a well-liked game that adapts well for mobile platforms. Well done!

This game had a nice platformer-y feel in terms of gameplay. It's good to take and make a topical game that brings concern at a lighthearted level. The reaction when you douse the hookah smoker is fantastic.

It would be good to have some sound/music if there are plans to continue working on this game, and a more in-depth look at finding a clearer end(ing) to the game.

Overall there are likable characters and jumping around dousing others makes for an enjoyable experience!

This was great to see as a submission at the game jam. The day-night cycle was a fun implementation, although you maybe should consider shortening the night cycle in some way (or find something that tempts and encourages players to move during the night).

I remember playtesting one of the earlier prototypes, and would have liked the shoving physics put back into the current version. For some reason it felt a lot more funnier to accidentally push the other player away or find yourselves trying to cooperate but failing miserably. Perhaps you can look into making even more exaggerated moves or special moves that these characters could do.

Overall a visually-pleasing addition to the gamejam with a nice cooperative twist (I'm telling you, those shove mechanics before were great).

Bullet hell meets puzzle game, what more could you ask for? :D

This had a great play experience, and I was sad to find myself unable to finish the last level to see the ending at the jam. I find that the warnings and sand-as-bullets were very clear, though it was not clear how the mummy mechanics worked exactly.

This would be pretty sweet seeing continued development in the form of more levels. There's some weird scoring mechanics when you finish a level, and I found when I finally reached the win-screen, I only had 200 in score.

Overall a good blend of two genres, and was great to pick up and play even after the game jam ended!

A really quick one, but one that has a very likable character.

I would like to propose you do more levels on the same theme of transition, so that we can enjoy the character a lot more and allow for some more development of the game. It would be cool if you could find some ways to tie this in with some kind of narrative (if you want to go more in depth into the character) or more replayability (if you want to go more in depth with the gameplay).

It was great to play such a short game that left a quick smile on my face. Make it a longer game! :)

An interesting platformer. There was a lot of jumping anyways!

For some reason there were times when the character was simply unable to jump or lost jumping rights, and ways to use the walls so that it would double-triple jump off the screen. That was entertaining in it's own right, though probably not the intention. :P

I enjoyed seeing the transition of landscapes and an opportunity to explore more of these settings to create a subtle narrative (unless there was one, since the furthest I got was to the tree of doom). The music was pretty random, although ska music is kind of fitting.

Overall the gameplay was good fun, where jumping felt great.

This was an addictive abstract game that I enjoyed trying. It was great attempting to master the jumps, no matter how uniform they were and how the speed never varied. The added sounds since I last played definitely added to the experience. The jump sounds in particular are great and give good feedback vibes.

I would probably encourage finding ways to add a bit of spice to your gameplay. Either by implementing a new objective which helps the score or a way help the player experience via additional means to soften the challenge.

Overall a simple and strong submission to the gamejam.

Another technically fun game! It seems like there was a geocaching feel to the whole idea behind the game, which could have worked its way into the challenges that were displayed on the phone.

I recall thoroughly enjoying (and laughing) at how great the intro track was before each game. It would be cool to see if you could resolve the k-means problem in a more fancier way, and maybe look into generating specific levels for more varied gameplay.

Overall, well done on execution and technical fanciness. :D

A well thought-out sim game. It feels that the game should run on at least 2x speed and at some point the budget and spending goes into the negative suddenly where you are left as a spectator. I would have liked better feedback on how I am doing on each meter, maybe if there was a smiley under each one so I know I am doing okay!

It would be interesting to have a continuation of this where you are able to affect the events' outcome through relief funding or some other means outside of the resources you are managing.

You guys did great with the overall feel and I have to say, a very challenging genre to attempt in less than 48 hours.

Hey, this is Torsten from the Malmö Jams Too team.

Temporal Legue seems to be a cooperative game where players are versus the board game akin to an RPG encounter.

First off, such an ambitious effort in creating all the flavor texts and different cards! It was almost intimidating to see so many cards laid out, but the game most definitely looked quite fun. We also totally liked the origami-made raid boss. I personally liked how the raid boss has it's own actions and turns, and would be interested in how you plan to develop this game further with that in mind.

In terms of practicality, you may want to reduce the sizes of the downloads and make it all ready to print-and-play. (For example) a link to a lo-fi version of the game would allow players to easily get to playing without having to sacrifice time and effort.

Overall though, from what I could gather when we talked about how the game is, it seemed like a great start to a collection of similar games which I can see being an experience that is great for longer game nights which demand good team coordination and happy moments between friends. Well done!

Hey, this is Torsten from the Malmö Jams Too team.

Paradoxonauts is a bidding-type game where players gamble their time to gain a favorable future while correcting the timeline.

While I have yet to play the latest iteration of the game (so my take may differ from how it is now), I personally enjoyed the bidding mechanic which presented some strategy and planning to the game. As I commented during the jam I also liked how the game starts slow and ramps up as time progresses. At the very least it allowed people who are new to the game to get into the flow of taking chances and bidding.

Overall, this game was great to try out. I am super interested in a modular version for higher replayability!

Right on man, keep it up! :D

Hey, this is Torsten from the Malmö Jams Too team.

Time Trackers is an player versus player arena game where the base mechanic in the game is the ability to go back in time by methodically retracing one's steps.

Concerning mechanics and the game itself, it's great you took efforts in keeping the most playful elements of going back in time and still keep the game engaging. Though I would suggest you find some ways in constraining some aspects somewhat, where (for example) the limitations are for walls and obstacles being placed other than the corners of the board. This can be done with a modular board, or if actual limits are placed on where and how walls/obstacles are placed before the game begins.

In terms of practicality, you may want a pdf file of the assembly instructions as well for convenience. You may have to add diagrams to the rules you have produced, or perhaps a video will greatly benefit those who wish to understand the game clearly. Do not forget to add your teammates to the jam entry and game, setting them as contributing as well.

Overall, Time Trackers is quite intriguing mechanically and gives thought to how to tackle mechanics which have high flexibility. I noticed during the jam how there was a lot of testing and trying things out. You worked hard! It was cool to see a game that had a rough testing phase actually become a game in the end, so I applaud the efforts made. :)

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Hey, this is Torsten from the Malmö Jams Too team.

Lost in Time is a nice take on a race game where players instead collect artifacts for a time machine spread across time à la Pikmin, controlling a mouse and an elephant to obtain the parts.

It's cool you were able to use the 3D printer for something in the game. I recall there was some understanding that it was difficult to remember to flip the pieces over whenever entering another era, so it could be a suggestion to separate mouse and elephant and make little figurines instead, so players have tangible things to replace. Or I suppose another route would be to have more mechanics that depend on these roles (I think I suggested some kind of penalty that could work) or some kind of reminder that encourages flipping where it then becomes a more regular occurrence.

As far as practical advice goes, I would recommend you separate your video into a separate download (maybe even link to a YouTube/Vimeo) so people would not need to download a 679MB file. Other things you could do which will make the download file smaller: action shots resized to 25% size and optimized for web, and only one page is needed for cards.pdf (with instructions to print 3 copies instead). This should result in a file size that's closer to 5MB in total. Also, do flesh out a quick description of the game.

I hope in future you choose to work with what you made further, whether it is an improvement or a whole new project with what you learnt from this one in mind. I personally did not have much interaction with your group, but can definitely see the effort and thought in your game. Well done! :)