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Just discovered this sequel to Bruce Lee.  The original was one of my favorite C64 games, so finding a new version that is faithful to the original but presents a whole new world with all new puzzles and challenges really made my day.  Made my year, really.  Is it just my imagination, or is Return of Fury even more difficult than the original game?  Took me two solid days of obsessively playing it to finally get to the end.

One very minor gripe - the way my emulator is set up, it's easier for me to use Joystick 1.  In the standalone version of the game, every time the game ends you have to go and set Bruce to be Joystick 1 again (it doesn't save that setting).  And in the Duology version, you can't pick Joystick 1 at all - it forces you to use stick 2 for Bruce.

Besides that though, I'm really enjoying the game.  Thanks for creating it.  I'd love to see further adventures for C64 Bruce Lee - make it a trilogy!

Hi BiceBob, actually there is allready a Bruce Lee 2, so this is the third version :) You can find them all collected on this easyflash release :