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hehe, great feedback!! :) Thank you!!

Thanks for that nice feedback! We have been talking about making a sequel at some time later, so watch our pages for news! :)

Good morning and May the 4th be with you, its available now :)

Good morning, had to wake up before i made them available, its there now! May the 4th be with you.

Hi Snapouille, thanks for the nice words.

The QR code and the global high score is only working on the game version thats included on the physical edition as an extra service for the ones who bought the album from Lukhash.

Hi again, a little update for you. Looks like we can have it ready this easter :) Thanks for waiting

Hi, we wanted to give it away allready last month, but things happened and its unfortunately still not fixed yet.  But physical edition of game is available on CD repress . Not that I think it will take a long time before we drop the official digital free version here... Thans for the patience :)

Good luck! :) According to this highscorepage world record is 202

Thanks for the constructive feedback. 

Sorry, not as a digital download. But its available as a physical cartrdige from Bitmapsoft:

Thank you Alessandro! Cool to see that gamers still download and play this game :)

Thanks for this video, I have used it as the YT headliner for this game on the our ITCH page. :)

Thank you! Whats your best score so far?

Happy new year!!!!!


Nice video! Now try to beat the record!! ;)

Merry Christmas! You can try (there is a readmefile in the zip explaining.. Maybe that works better for you?

Hi BiceBob, actually there is allready a Bruce Lee 2, so this is the third version :) You can find them all collected on this easyflash release : 

Hi, We are waiting for the vinyls to start shipping, thats why things are delaying. Im really impatient myself, i look forward to see this in the wild! :)

Thank you Marco!! :)

No, we have not implemented that, the level difficulty increases with speed

Hi Jeff, I talked with the publishers yesterday, and duplication of tapes has started, so if nothing goes wrong it wont be far away :)

Good idea! I can have a talk with the publisher to see how we can solve that

My best score: 1970! Can you beat that??!?

Wow! Thanks for all these nice words! Hope you will manage to beat the evil mother in law boss! :)

Thanks for this video Saberman!! If it is ok for you, I will use it as the promo video on the itch page :) 

hehe, thank you! Thats a very good sign yes!!! :)

Thank you Vinny!

Thank you Roy! Hope to see you in the craptastic compo this year!!!

Hi, and thank you for your kind words! Feedback like this is really motivating! Thanks again!  

Thanks Kevin! <3

Thank you! And thank you for always beeing so supportive to us!!!!

Ofcourse! I followed you on twitter, so you can use PM there if you have any questions :) //Rotteroy

Hello Stephen, a mail is sent to you with the d64 file! Thanks again for the support.

Its made for PAL and not NTSC fixed, but it is playable on a NTSC machine. Only difference is that it goes a little faster , and I have heard about PAL players that likes to play it on NTSC :)

Thanks you!! Our composer, Rage has had that tune lying around on his workdisk for quite some time, and when Sparkler made that dramatic loading picture we tought that tune would fit perfectly for the diskversion.  

Thanks for the support!!! Really appreciated!

Thanks for the support Roy! :)

Thank you Zaxxon1. I hope we can release an IOS/Android version of the game early in 2018 too.

Thanks for the support Sparky-D! :)