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so after for some reason frustrating myself by finishing 2 levels with shortcuts, i got stuck for a while in the moving block level. i tried to beat it because I ALREADY KNEW how to do it, but i just couldnt, the fact i have to use two different buttons to jump (one to jump normally, the other to jump off the hook) never sat right with me.

after that i ran into a glitch where i am in the moving area of a lot of the blocks, it takes me to the spawn area, i get squished between it and the  blocks, and then i keep respawning IN the blocks which are only moving for one pixel between each of my deaths so i got bored aaand stopped.

has potential, thats for sure

(also i found out there is an option to have jump for both things but i found that out after resetting the game)

The moving block level is definitely going to be changed. It seems to be the worst 'brick wall' of the game. Depending on the path you take, it can be brutal.. sorry for that.

I think I'm going to make 'jump to shoot' on by default. I'm reluctant because I'm afraid I'm going to trigger the opposite problem where people shoot without wanting to, especially on bouncy platforms. I realize though that less buttons is easier to manage. Anyway I can always roll back if it's too bad

About that bug, I'll fix that as soon as I can

Thanks a lot for the feeback!

Oh, alright

i hope the development of the game goes well, because i really wanted to get further in the game, but i was too unpatient to wait the time for the glitchy walls to get away