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Heyho, man! Such a good thing to have Quidget being your first game on here :)
Do you need help with downloading/starting the game or do you need directions how to play the game, solve the puzzles etc.?
Stay funky,


Downloading and starting the game

So, basically you click the big download button, that will take you to a page where you can pay what you want or continue to the downloads.
There, you download the version that fits your computer operating system (Windows, Mac or Linux).
It will be a packed file you have to unpack somewhere on your computer (usually via just double-clicking it and selecting a folder it can upack to).
Inside the folder with the unpacked contents, you'll find a file with a Quidget icon (the orange dog) that's called 'Quidget the Wonderwiener'.
Double click on that and the game starts!

If that's too complicated and you don't mind a few naughty extra scenes, you can play it here:
without any hassle in your web browser ;)

Stay funky and let me know if everything went well,


Thank you so much for helping me.

My pleasure :)
If you want to see how Quidget fares in the enhanced version of the game, visit us at 
Stay funky,